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Let’s walk through the note card and source card process together!

Click here to go to a sample web page. This web page could be used to argue prompt #47 about the dangers of children’s advertising.

Now click here to go to, the website we will use to cite our sources. This will help you with source cards, parenthetical citations, and the works cited page.

You will need to sign up once you get to Use your school email address and remember your password!

Parenthetical Citations

First and foremost, parenthetical citations are MANDATORY. (That means you have to do them)

Don’t get scared of the big words, Parenthetical= parentheses citations=something cited

You must give credit for EVERY NOTE CARD YOU HAVE within your paper. You will do this within parentheses at the end of the sentence. 40 note cards= 40 sets of parentheses in your paper.
It will look something like this:
After a 12- day manhunt, Booth was tracked down and killed by Union soldiers (History).
The above fact was taken from and had no author, therefore we abbreviated the source name and gave it credit by putting “History” in parentheses FOLLOWED by a period.
If there is an author, the citation will look like this:
After a 12-day manhunt, Booth was tracked down and killed by Union soldiers (Smith 22).
The above fact shows that an author with the last name of Smith provided this information and it was on page 22. If there is no page number, you would just put (Smith).

***If you have more questions about parenthetical citations and I’m not here to help you, please use and search for the question to your answer.***