SOL Writing Prompts thesis practice

In order to become familiar with the SOL writing prompts (all 47 of them), we will be writing a thesis statement for each one. Although there are ways to feature thesis statements that do not follow the exact instructions below, for this exercise I would like you to stick to these guidelines:

All thesis statements will go as the LAST sentence in the FIRST paragraph of your paper.
All thesis statements WILL state your opinion, your answer to the question.
All thesis statements WILL have three reasons at the end of the sentence.
Thesis statements WILL NOT have the pronoun “I”.
Thesis statements WILL NOT have any contractions.

The minimum driving age should be raised from sixteen to eighteen because sixteen year olds tend to be less experienced, easily distracted, and more prone to practice unsafe driving habits.

You will type these thesis statements and print them to turn them in.
Please number all of them.

If you still have your packet of prompts, please use it. If not, you may access the prompts using this link:


I will keep you updated as to when these statements are due.

Classwork for Friday, September 16th

If you have any fundraiser money, turn it in.

Turn in journal #2.

See packet for post reading activities following The Crucible.

Use the links on this blog to complete the first half.

Secondly, complete the two grammar assignments. You may write in the packet, but the last part, the half sheet of paper, will need to have a sheet of notebook paper to go with it.

Lastly, after completing the packet, work on today’s assignment.

Remember, the study guide is due Monday, and the test is Monday as well.

Parenthetical Citations

Parenthetical Citations
You must also have parenthetical citations in your paper. These citations will come from
the sources that you used, and you will use the source name that is listed on your note
card in the citation. Example: (Smith or “Benefits of Curfews”).
Make sure that your parentheses come BEFORE the period at the end of the sentence.
For example:
The nutrients found in a healthy school lunch provide students with the energy they
need to go through the rest of their day (“Benefits of Curfews”).
If you have multiple note cards from the same source back to back, just put the citation
at the end of the last sentence from that source.
Make sure you follow your outline during this process. If you change the order of your
paper, make sure you make adjustments to the outline as well.
Questions? See me ASAP. Don’t wait until the last minute!
Remember, writing your research paper is simply putting your thesis and your research
into paragraph form.

Final steps for research paper

Your paper MUST follow along with your outline and it MUST go in the same order of your notecards.
The last thing you need to know before you begin your paper- PARENTHETICAL CITATIONS!

You must give credit for EVERY NOTE CARD YOU HAVE within your paper. You will do this within parentheses at the end of the sentence. 40 note cards= 40 sets of parentheses in your paper.
It will look something like this:
After a 12- day manhunt, Booth was tracked down and killed by Union soldiers (History).
The above fact was taken from and had no author, therefore we abbreviated the source name and gave it credit by putting “History” in parentheses FOLLOWED by a period.
If there is an author, the citation will look like this:
After a 12-day manhunt, Booth was tracked down and killed by Union soldiers (Smith 22).
The above fact shows that an author with the last name of Smith provided this information and it was on page 22. If there is no page number, you would just put (Smith).

***If you have more questions about parenthetical citations and I’m not here to help you, please use and search for the question to your answer.***